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'Fartin' owns production facilities that are located in the Russian Baltics (Kaliningrad oblast) and are furnished with advanced high-tech equipment.

The manufactured products are mainly the laminated furniture board and hardwood beams of pedunculate oak and common ash.

In 2012 new shopfloor equipment was installed in the board panel operation room and more productive capacity was put in place for effective operation of the boiler room and drying machinery. As a result, we achieved success in output of competitive quality products at sufficiently low cost.

The premises include several production units:

Saw mill

At the saw mill round logs are sawn on the belt saw bench to unedged saw timber. The logs are then trimmed and cross-cut to length with circular saws and cutoff machines.

Drying plant

Cut lumber and graded timber blanks are dried in four chambers (made in Sweden) suitable for charge of 350 m3 simultaneously. The drying process is run automatically as the lumber shrinks as much as to 8 per cent of the wood moisture content within 45 to 80 days.

Laminated panel and laminated beam dept.

Graded timber pieces are planed and lengthened with micrometer joints, then glued and surfaced.

The shopfloor is equipped with a lengthening line, four-sided planers, a gluing press, size-grader and surfacer, cross-cutters and other supporting machinery.

High quality of our products is assured by the tight control at each stage of the manufacturing process beginning with selection of the raw material and ending with separation and packing of the ready furniture board.

Components of staircases
Components of staircases