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About Company

The enterprise OOO 'Fartin' may boast 18 years of successful experience, unblemished reputation and dynamic development at the market of woodusing industry.

The woodworking enterprise ‘Fartin’ was founded in 1996. The main production infrastructure is situated in Kaliningrad oblast in the Baltics. The timber which is used in the production also grows in Kaliningrad oblast.

The enterprise specializes on the production of laminated furniture board, industrial wood (sawn timber) and components for staircases made of utility hardwood (European oak and ash tree).

The own production facilities fitted out with high-tech equipment are supplemented by the operational excellence of the team and enable release of the products competitive with those of the business rivals.

At the moment our products show themselves to good advantage both in the Russian and European markets. It has been already 16 years since our company started business relations with large-scale enterprises in Germany, Norway, Poland and Lithuania.

'Fartin' is ready for a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with commercial firms and manufacturers of furniture, staircases and doors. It guarantees reliable partnership and high-quality goods. Our relations with business partners rely on honesty, trust and just dealing. 

Certificate FSC
Components of staircases
Components of staircases