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Components of staircases
Components of staircases


The wood-working enterprise 'Fartin' was founded in 1996.

Throughout this time, the company has been specializing on advanced hard-wood processing.

We run the complete production cycle from procurement of timber, sawing, drying and on out to manufacture of ready and rival products.

The main direction of our business today is the production of laminated oakwood and ashwood furniture: solid-laminated and built-up furniture boards, component parts for staircases, and laminated beams that meet the highest quality standards.

We provide stable supplies to Central Russia and European countries.

Thanks to expertise and competence of our team combined with advanced technology implementation our firm can promptly respond to fluctuations of demand and supply in shaky environment.

In the recent years the wooden furniture board has stood in strong demand due to its safety, presentability, noble tones and durability. The furniture board is used in the production of furniture sets, table boards, window sills, wainscots, doors and interior elements. You can see furniture pieces and staircases made from oak laminated panels in many European homes and commercial centres. Each item made of oakwood becomes a unique interior adornment, brings in luxury notes and creates a remarkable emotional atmosphere of warmth and comfort.